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ALUNET - 6m x 4m

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The GREENSHADE ALUNET - the shady parking lot to take with you

The sun doesn't just put you in a good mood. In extreme cases, in­conside­rate action can have serious con­sequences. The GREEN­SHADE ALU­NET is designed for optimal air circu­lation and shade. Due to the inno­vative con­struc­tion and the re­flect­ing surface the GREEN­SHADE ALU­NET is able to reject up to 85% of sun­light.

Reduces heat accumulation and lowers temperature: The combination of all properties reduces the temperature in the interior by up to 20°C within a short time. Click here for the test report.

Protects against dangerous heat and excessive sunlight: The ALUNETZ not only provides shade, but also reflects the light and at the same time your warmth. An effective protection for humans and animals.

85% of the sunlight is reflected: The GREENSHADE ALUNET is able to reflect up to 85% of sunlight due to its special construction and its smooth aluminium surface.

Optimum air circulation through the net mesh: The open fabric allows optimal air circulation. This creates a cooling air cushion between the aluminium net and the body.

Secure fastening with eyelets & expander: The net adapts effortlessly to any shape. Eyelets and expanders ensure quick assembly and disassembly and secure attachment even in windy conditions.

Innovative knitted aluminium fabric: On 1m² of our aluminium net, 32,000 individual slats will condition your interior in a natural way. A tear-resistant fabric and rounded edges on the whole surface.

Protection & safety for your car body: The GREENSHADE aluminium mesh film is additionally coated with a plastic in a special process. Only the soft plastic is in contact with the painted surface.

This means that the interior of your vehicle, any animal trailer, pavilion or tent is ideally protected from the sun and remains much more pleasant than in direct sunlight. Thus the aluminium net is the ideal protection for you and your four-legged friends. Especially for dog owners who are travelling by car, it is a mobile shadow parking place, which can be taken everywhere with a weight of 2kg without any problems. At the corners of the net there are eyelets for fixing the net so that it cannot slip through the net even when there is wind.

Additional product information

6 m
4 m
surface area
24 m²
85% of the sunlight is reflected
purpose of use
ESTATE CAR, SUV, VAN, CARAVAN, HORSE TRAILER (1-2 horses), DOG TRAILER (4-8 boxer), DOGKENNEL (1-2 kennel), and much more.

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