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Additional expander pack 4 pcs.

Additional expander pack 4 pcs.

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Magnet set - 4 pieces

(incl. in scope of delivery of an aluminum net 4x3m & 6x4m)

✅ 1 x storage bag

✅ 1 x instructions incl. warning notice

✅ 4 x NEODYMIUM magnet incl. handle

✅ 4 x white silicone discs

✅ 8 x black silicone discs

With the GREENSHADE magnet set, you can quickly and securely attach the shade net to the vehicle. The silicone discs included in the scope of delivery ensure perfect body protection. On the one hand, the silicone prevents possible marks on the paint and on the other hand, the silicone disc increases the efficiency of the magnet due to the additional static friction.

Similar to the positioning of the magnets (see option A/B/C), the silicone discs must be glued to the shade net on the inside and outside (see fig.). Use at least one of the white discs to be able to determine the position more easily later when attaching the net. Example: white disc = net in front; ie the net may have to be rotated

Important NOTE: Before assembly, check whether there are any foreign objects on the silicone discs or caught in the netting. Also remove any dirt on the vehicle surface or on all other sensitive surfaces. Also check the surface for discolouration in inconspicuous areas.

Position the magnets correctly on the vehicle

The position of the magnets depends on the shape of the vehicle, but also depends on whether the body is made of sheet metal (option A or B) or aluminum (option C). Please use the magnet included in the scope of delivery to test whether and which body parts of your vehicle show a magnetic effect. Depending on this, you can apply the following mounting options:

  • Option A: All relevant body panels are metallic . Therefore you can position the magnets freely.
    Recommendation: 1 x hood, 1 x rear, 1 x door on the left, 1 x door on the right

  • Option B: The side panels are metallic . You can attach the four magnets along the fenders.
    Recommendation: 1 x front/rear & left/right fender

  • Option C: No body parts are metallic and are made of aluminum. The vehicle pillars, on the other hand, are made of steel and have a high magnetic efficiency. Recommendation: 1x front/back & left/right column
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